Saturday, October 07, 2006

Pleasanton Weekly Endorsement

I am pleased to announce that the Pleasanton Weekly has endorsed my candidacy for re-election to the office of Mayor of the great City of Pleasanton!

In its endorsement, the Weekly wrote:

". . . she (Hosterman) has shown better temperament than her challenger, Councilman Steve Brozosky. She actually appointed him as vice-mayor during her first term only to have him attack her at every opportunity. "


"Hosterman states that her primary focus is on protecting the quality of life in Pleasanton, focusing both locally and regionally on improving our transportation systems, maintaining and strengthening the business community and in being honest about her positions and views on issues. She is also interested in the council finishing the five highest priority projects it has identified. It is hard to accomplish much as an elected official in just two years. So many things have been set in motion that we believe it would be wise to let her serve another two years. That is particularly important when it comes to regional transportation decisions."

Of my opponent, the Weekly wrote:

"The role of the mayor is to primarily work with the other members of the City Council to reach collective decisions and then to communicate them effectively to the community and to the region. We believe Brozosky would have difficulty with both of these." Further, "His term has been driven by negativity as he uses the Council meetings to publicly criticize the existing mayor and other members of the council with whom he disagrees. While that might work for some in politics, Pleasanton deserves better."

And, finally, let me add my commentary regarding candidates for the Council. I have endorsed Cheryl Cook-Kallio, and I intend to vote to keep Councilmember Jerry Thorne in office. While there are many issues on which the three of us disagree, they are both fine representatives of the people, and will add balance to the Council.

I hope you will carefully consider the same.


At 11:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Other mayors are endorsing her opponent because the Republicans are trying as hard as they can to stick together this year. Also, accidently including brief material about campaign details to e-mails to supporters using her city e-mail is hardly a criminal act, and the DA has already said that. If you want to talk about ethics...take a look at Brozosky's business page for Government Outreach and the ENTIRE paragraph about how he is a city council member, vice mayor, etc.

At 11:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

look at brozosky's Government Outreach page for his software business, if you want to talk about serious ethical violations...


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