Sunday, October 01, 2006

BBQ review and the next fundraiser

Last night, Friday, September 29, the Campaign to re-elect Jennifer Hosterman Mayor of the City of Pleasanton held a BBQ at the Alameda County Fairgrounds which netted over $2,000.00 - at an asked campaign contribution of $25.00 per person! We enjoyed a wonderful meal of tri-tip and chicken served by our Pleasanton firefighters, to tables beautifully illuminated by LOTS of candles (thanks to Megan and Sarah Hosterman), outstanding live music by The New Hour, nice bonfire (good thing - it was a little chilly!), and great company, including many people I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time. Channel 30 covered the event, as well as The Pleasanton Weekly. Past Mayor of Pleasanton, Mayor Tom Pico, gave a wonderful introduction, and I took the opportunity to speak about my vision for our town.

If you were there, thank you once again for your attendance, your support, and your friendship! If you didn't make it, you missed a great party! :)

The next planned (in cement) fundraiser is October 22, a Sunday, at 4:00. Tommy of Tommy T's in Pleasanton will donate his show "Three Blond Moms" to my campaign for re-election. These women talk about every day lives of Moms - marriage and motherhood, and they are SO funny, you'll have a difficult time staying on your chair (and not falling to the floor)! This event is $30.00 per person, includes a salad and glass of wine, and I'm quite sure tickets are available, while they last, online.

I hope you can make it!


At 12:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brozosky is an unethical candidate for mayor and we're certain the majority of Pleasanton will realize that. Keep up the good work!

At 2:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep up the GREAT work!

At 10:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Brozosky is unethical, then why was Jennifer the one referred to the District Attorney by the City Manager and City Attorney. What does that make her - a crook? a possible felon? A member of the 'Culture of Corruption'? Wasn't it on her watch that someone in the Finance department was embezzling funds? Ethical leadership starts at the top. Or not, in this case.


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