Thursday, October 12, 2006

Debate follow-up

Recently, with support from fellow boardmembers of the CMA, (Alameda County Congestion Management Agency - there's a link from my website) I secured $75 million dollars to build a new lane on east bound I-580. This is exciting! This project will break ground in 10 to 14 months, and thereafter, take two years to completion.

During the candidate debates, my opponent continually referred to his ability to "reach out" to other elected officials on behalf of Pleasanton. He continues to cite his one and only "trip to Washington" and his ability to "bring home $18 million dollars for I-580." Interesting, as he went in my place, as my Vice Mayor, and the money was previously secured by members of the Alameda County Congestion Management Agency. I appreciate that he was able to travel, in my stead.

According to CMA staff projections, this new lane will result in much needed congestion relief and reduction in travel times, which is good for the entire Tri-Valley, but especially, Pleasanton!

This is by no means a panacea to gridlock, but its a start. I hope you think so, too!


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