Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Iron Horse Trail

Today we celebrated the completion of yet another section of the Iron Horse Trail, in Pleasanton. Of course, we have a long ways to go in meeting and completing desired additional bike and pedestrian (and equestrian) trails that will eventually connect us throughout our town, neighboring towns, the ridge, and the southeast hills. This 1.6 million dollar project necessarily included the joint partnership of the City of Pleasanton, East Bay Regional Parks & Recreation District, the County of Alameda, and ACTIA (Alameda County Transportation Improvement Authority) which is the Authority that spends the tax monies we taxpayers agreed to some years ago (it's our 1/2 cent added sales tax for transportation needs). Eventually, the Iron Horse Trail will comprise 40 miles from Suisun Bay to the City of Livermore! This is just another way that we recognize the importance of allowing people the opportunity to leave their cars at home - which serves many issues from our health to reducing our dependence on foreign oil. I couldn't be more proud of our good work here, with our partners, in our City of Pleasanton!


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