Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Shakespeare in the Park

On Opening Night, I had the pleasure of meeting and greeting those in attendance at Pleasanton's own free Shakespeare In The Park. This year's Shakespearean event is "A Midsummer Night's Dream." It is extremely well done and hilarious! I recommend this production to everyone! While there, a group of children seated on a blanket behind my husband and me, were saying the lines before the actors' said their lines! I was duly impressed. Anyway, it was a great deal of fun to meet many of you and see some familiar faces as well. I continue to be very proud of the many services our City is able to offer to you, the public, and I am impressed with the increasing numbers of families who avail themselves of these many great opportunities. Hmmmm. . . what other fun stuff can we make available in Pleasanton? Have an idea? Drop me a line! :)

*Shakespeare in the Park continues at Amador Valley Community Park on weekends through 7/15 at 7:30PM


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