Monday, August 27, 2007

Back To School Transportation Options

On the eve of Pleasanton children returning to school, I spent most of this week's Mayors Report (Channel 30) addressing school matters and safety issues. For one, even though we don't have school busing, the Wheels Bus does offer bus service to and from the high schools, as well as the middle schools. And, middle school children ride for FREE for the first two weeks!

What a wonderful way to teach a little independence, free up car time, reduce congestion on City streets during the school commute times, and increase safety in our school parking lots. Let's not forget fewer cars on the road equates to lesser carbon emissions - good for our environment. I hope parents will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

Please see for more information! In addition, if you have an interest in walking to school with others, biking to school with others, or carpooling, you can access a "matchlist" to find others in your neighborhood who would like to do the same through

I hope families find this information helpful.


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