Friday, November 03, 2006

Pleasanton Police don't believe my opponent can do the job!

From Detective Jerry Niceley, President,Pleasanton Police Officers Association, as follows:

Recently, mayoral candidate Steve Brozosky ran a full back-page advertisement in the Oct. 13 Pleasanton Weekly. The ad featured three bulleted points in large print, which Brozosky claims are the most important local issues - traffic congestion, public safety and quality of life.

We agree that these are very important issues facing our city. The Pleasanton Police Officer's Association recognizes that we share a major stake in all three of those issues. Working with the support of hte city and police management, we strive to ensure those issues are our primary focus.

We also need the support of our current City Council and Mayor to ensure we remain a competitive and desireable agency that contines to hire the most highly qualified applicants. We need someone who understands the direction of the city of leasanton, the Police Department and the Pleasanton Police Officers Association is headed in order to maintain that quality of life.

We do not believe candidate Brozosky has a clear understanding of these issues nor do we believe he comprehends how they will be most effectively addressed. The Pleasanton Police Officers Association supports Jennifer Hosterman for Mayor.


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